Owner: Johnny Kao
Executive Chef: Chen-Hua Yan
Management Team: Edward Cheung, John Fong, Henry Lieu
Date Opened: February 28, 1998
Concept Architect: Greg Olving

About Us

In China, cooking is an ancient art rather than simply a nourishing necessity. Those dishes, which have stood the test of time, provide us with what is known as “the classic Chinese cuisine”. A well-planned meal will vary in texture and color as well as flavor and temperature to achieve overall harmony in the tradition of Ying and Yang.Each of the four main regions of the country has developed its own distinctive culinary style. Peking (North) provides a tender, delicate taste while Shanghai (East) uses light and savory flavors. In contrast are the crispy, unusual blends of Canton (South) and the fiery, spicy seasonings of Hunan and Szechwan (Central and West).

To provide New York city, “Capital of the World”, with the best China has to offer, Mr. K’s has meticulously searched for dishes representing the essence of each of these regions. The most gourmet recipes with the best ingredients and subtlest of seasonings have been prepared under the masterful direction of our head chef. Their beautiful presentation on imperial flatware, served in grand style, is an exotic prelude to your delight.

Some dishes are seasonal to ensure the finest quality and freshest ingredients. Requests for special dishes not on our menu will be accommodated whenever possible. Always available is the traditional Chinese tea or our ceremonial coffee brewed fresh at the table. Both are offered only at Mr. K’s and have been blended according to our secret recipe.

It is our pleasure to provide you with the highest standards of dining excellence never offered before — a total experience that is unique and memorable. Thus, at Mr. K’s, the graceful and contemporary Art Deco setting . . . complementing this historic Midtown landmark building. . . adorned by fine art of jade and silver. . . surpassed only by its exquisite cuisine, provides an ambiance for New York’s elite with discriminating taste.

Magnificent meals, elegant surroundings, pleasurable hospitality, satisfying service. . . all are yours at Mr. K’s. Pursuit of perfection is our ultimate goal. We hope you agree. . . and enjoy. . .

-Johnny T. Kao